The Greatest Love Story Of All Time

“I was at Gatwick and I was a mess: breathlessly excited, horribly nervous and hoping, praying, that this might be it. That the man who was belted up preparing for touchdown would be the man I would spend the next sixty years picking up from airports, missing him, loving him, feeding him and, all things going well, having a fair bit of sex with him.”

Since tomorrow is Christmas and LOVE is all around us, as it should be, I chose Lucy Robinson's "The Greatest Love Story Of All Time" for this week's quest. Set in 2010, in London, the story is about love, losing it (the love) and trying to find it again. Fran, a journalist who's trying to make it big in television, is in a fabulous relationship with the most beautiful, tender and loving man, Michael. On her 30th birthday, though, instead of accepting his marriage proposal she finds herself getting dumped. To be more precise, he tells her that he needs a three month break from their relationship. Ka-Boom! Fran, devastated, retires into her flat and lives pretty much on alcohol, joints, hugging one of Michael's forgotten socks and crying her eyes out. That's when her best friends - Leonie, Stefania and Dave - decide to intervene. They barge into her home and try to drag her out of her misery ... with a plan. The eight date plan. Meaning that she will have to go on eight different dates (via online dating sites) before she meets up with Michael again after the three month period ends.

But what happens when posh, designer clad and absolutely gorgeous Nellie Daniels enters the picture? Who's she and why is she Michael's new Facebook friend? And just like that, Fran gives a new meaning to Facebook stalking your ex's new love interest... Seriously though... who can blame her? Especially when your "rival" is the complete opposite of yourself... While Fran is going for jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, converse all star and bulky jackets, her rival, Nellie, is dressed in pencil skirts, Patrick Cox shoes and carrying Mulberry bags. Oh yeah and wearing a Rolex. Overall, the book is quite funny and while you might not totally relate to the heroine you will surely enjoy it. There's lots of stuff going on in Fran's everyday life that will keep you wanting to go on with your reading despite the fact that she might be over the top sometimes... But hey, all is fair in love and war right?

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