Fahrenheit 451

"I ate them like salad, books were my sandwich for lunch, my tiffin and dinner and midnight munch. I tore out the pages, ate them with salt, doused them with relish, gnawed on the bindings, turned the chapters with my tongue! Books by the dozen, the score and the billion. I carried so many home I was hunchbacked for years."

Imagine a future world without books. None whatsoever. Comics are caption-less and sex magazines are 3D (ehm, I think the boys would totally dig that actually). Books are deemed illegal by the government and burnt by ... firemen. You heard that right... In Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, society has evolved to a point where TV rules and people who think "differently" need to see a psychiatrist. Houses are fireproofed and firemen no longer use water but kerosene in order to burn down any remaining books. Guy Montag is a fireman who loves his job. Then one night he meets his new neighbor, 17 year old Clarisse, who asks him all sorts of questions about nature, society, feelings and ... something awakens within him. She asks him if he's happy... Is he? Guy's wife, Mildred, is mentally and emotionally dead due to her addiction to interactive soap operas and her sleeping pills. All she is able to talk about and think of is the three floor-to-ceiling TV screens and her "family" on TV... So, is he?

Guy strikes up a friendship with young Clarisse until one day she disappears and his sense of purpose and life is put to question. When the firemen squad is summoned to a house were books are believed to be hidden, his beliefs are shaken to the core. Witnessing an old woman putting herself on fire so that she burns down with her books, sets his subdued thinking in motion. He instinctively saves a book and takes it with him... there is no turning back... everything is about to change. Fahrenheit 451 is on my top 10 list of best books of all time... Mind blowing... A classic... Brilliant... I could go on and on... Definitely one of those books that stick in in your head!

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