"And that, Doyle thinks, is what makes the difference. The telepathy. The ability to convey volumes of information without uttering a word. Nadine, in all her eye-catching glory, is still just candy when it comes down to it."

How would you feel if you were forced not to come in contact with anyone? Not to be able to see your family and friends or even colleagues? Totally isolated... a danger to all... A pariah... That's exactly how detective Callum Doyle feels, the hero of David Jackson's crime novel, "Pariah". A police detective in New York city, Cal Doyle, finds himself in a tight spot when both his partners are murdered within a few days of each other. At first, it appears like a psycho cop killer... but then the threatening notes addressed to Cal begin. He needs to stay away from his family, friends and colleagues or else ... they die.

Instead of just lying around in a hotel room and wait for the police to find the killer, he decides to take things into his own hands. At a price... If you're into the CSI series, go for it! If you like suspense and crime thrillers, go for it! I really enjoyed it and I have to say that even though I figured out eventually who the killer was, I couldn't possibly have guessed the reasons behind the - masterfully described - killings. Thanx C. for recommending this! My nails hated it though...

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