The Snow Child

“All her life she had believed in something more, in the mystery that shape-shifted at the edge of her senses. It was the flutter of moth wings on glass and the promise of river nymphs in the dappled creek beds. It was the smell of oak trees on the summer evening she fell in love, and the way dawn threw itself across the cow pond and turned the water to light.”

Aaaand we're back in the 1920's. Not in fancy Paris this time but in rural Alaska. In Eowyn Ivey's novel titled "The Snow Child", the Russian fairy tale Snegurochka serves as inspiration. I must add that this is Eowyn Ivey's first novel and it sure makes for a stunning debut! Jack and Mabel, still unable to cope with their sadness after their only child is born dead, head over to Alaska for a fresh start. One wintry night, after visiting their friends' nearby homestead, they start playing with the snow and build a child out of it just for fun. They go to bed and the next morning there's nothing there but footprints leading into the forest... Crazy, right? Anyway, the following days they both encounter a little girl in the woods always in the company of a red fox.

Is it a lost child in the Alaskan wilderness or is she just a dream to ease their sorrow? Why are they the only ones who can see little Faina? How come she vanishes when the spring comes and re-emerges with the first snow? What's so great about this book is that you can't really make up your mind on the subject: is she for real or is she made of snow (and love)? If you're into fairy tales, this is a must read!

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