Dirt Music

Let's take a -mental- trip to western Australia with its beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters, marine life and stunning coral reefs... Put a love triangle and a town of "redneck" fishermen in the mix and you've just transported yourself to White Point, the setting for Tim Winton's novel "Dirt Music".

Georgie Jutland is a "rebellious" 40-year-old woman living in White Point with her partner Jim Buckridge and his two kids. She thinks she's oh-so-independent, has serious mommy issues and an alcohol problem. Jim is considered to be some kind of royalty among White Pointers since he is a successful fisherman, comes from a prominent family and is a handsome widower caring deeply for his two boys. The perfect catch, right? Well... not quite. When Luther Fox -a poacher, an outcast and the sole living member of the tragedy-stricken Fox family- enters the picture, Georgie's "serene" life will take an unexpected turn.

Even though the town folk avoid him because of the bad juju he supposedly carries with him, Georgie is immediately drawn to Luther and decides to risk it all for him. Only she hasn't thought of the consequences... Is the relationship doomed to fail? What is Jim hiding? How can one escape the music? Can you really make amends to the people who are no longer living?

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