Tell The Wolves I'm Home

“The bed was warm and ordinary and perfect, and it had been such a long, long day. Probably the longest day of my life. I felt like I had proof that not all days are the same length, not all time has the same weight. Proof that there are worlds and worlds and worlds on top of worlds, if you want them to be there.”

Being a 14-year-old is tough, right? Now, being a 14-year-old feeling trapped in the wrong era is even tougher. Especially when no one seems willing to understand you. In Carol Rifka Brunt's debut novel "Tell the wolves I'm home" we get to see first-hand the struggles a non-conforming teenage girl has to face after a tragic event. June Elbus is obsessed with the "old times". Medieval dressing, Jane Austen's novels, Mozart's Requiem. When her beloved uncle/godfather Finn dies of a weird and -at that time- deadly disease called AIDS, she is finding it hard to move on. Her older sister, Greta, is hostile, devious and very aggressive towards her. They appear to have nothing in common besides those oversized sweaters they both seem to love. On top of that, her accountant parents are working non-stop.

With her only confidant out of the picture, June feels lonelier than ever. Until Toby shows up. Who's he? Finn's longtime secret companion who's on a "mission" to connect with her. She's skeptical at first since all she knows about Toby is that he "gave Finn AIDS" but as time progresses she gets more and more attached to him. They get to share stories about Finn, explore new places and sights, love one another for what they are. Through her interaction with Toby, June is being transformed into a strong, willing young woman ready to fight for what she wants. A beautiful, tender and emotional novel that will most definitely melt your heart and well up your eyes...

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