About Last Night

"She longed to go home, have a bath, put on a clean set of pyjamas and then go to bed. She wanted to fall asleep and then wake up and discover this had all been a terrible dream. She wanted for none of this to have happened or, at least, if it had to have happened then not to her."

Steph is married to a beautiful husband, has 3 beautiful boys, lives in suburban London and is very rich. She is a great hostess, loves organic food, is always impeccably dressed, has great manners, never gets frustrated and always keeps her cool. She's also extremely supportive of her best friend and is always there for her.Pip is none of the above. She is divorced, has a little girl, is scatterbrained and frivolous. She's also naive, selfish, clingy and utterly dependent on Steph's help in pretty much everything. Oh yeah and she falls in love in the blink of an eye every single time. With all the wrong people of course!

So when Steph's husband is found in a coma, after a hit-and-run incident outside a hotel, things get complicated for the two friends. When Steph asks Pip to provide an alibi for her whereabouts on the night of the accident but refuses to give her any further explanation, Pip is tormented...What will she do? What are the consequences? What would you do?

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admin is Fali’s Senior Editor. Arleen has been writing professionally for over 10 years. From 2005-2015, she covered the advertising and marketing industry for Majalah Dewasa.

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