Beautiful Ruins

“Words and emotions are simple currencies. If we inflate them, they lose their value, just like money. They begin to mean nothing. Use 'beautiful' to describe a sandwich and the word means nothing. Since the war, there is no more room for inflated language. Words and feelings are small now - clear and precise. Humble like dreams.”

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a beautiful summer read. Actually, beautiful is an understatement. It was fascinating. It was mesmerizing. I was intrigued from the very first page and stayed that way up until the end. Cinque Terre aka The Italian Riviera. In the small village of Porto Vergogna in 1962, Pasquale is trying to create a beach and a tennis court in order to attract the American tourists to stay in his hotel. Whilst carrying rocks from the shore, a boat arrives and he sees her. Dee Moray, an up and coming actress who just finished her part in one of the most expensive movies ever made, wants to stay in his small hotel. Enchanted by her presence, Pasquale is devastated to find out she is dying...

Are you hooked yet? The narrative goes back and forth in time, in 2012 to be precise, where Claire Silver is standing on a carreer crossroad : should she go on working for a legendary movie producer who's now into reality TV scripts or accept a new film museum's offer? Will she manage to find a script worth her time and effort? How is Richard Burton implicated in the storyline?

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