The Good Nurse

“Access to the vulnerable allowed him to manifest death without dying. He’d learned to kill himself by proxy... Nobody loves you the way they do when you’re dying... Humor and gossip provided a buffer against the suffering and grief that came with the job... It was chemistry, not magic..."

Charles Cullen was the ideal male nurse : efficient, great at his job, always on time, willing to work during the weekends AND the holidays, experienced, helpful... a true gem for every hospital. Only he was a deeply disturbed man killing hospital patients, rather effortlessly, during his 16 year career span in 9 different hospitals. The crazy thing about the whole story is that the hospitals had various notions that Charles was behind the unexplained ongoing deaths that happened during his time there but instead of notifying the authorities, they just laid him off afraid of the repercussions a case like that would have on their institutions. His method was simple and difficult to trace : tampering with IV bags (randomly) and supplying a lethal cocktail of drugs to critical care patients. With the help of a fellow nurse, the police managed to get him to confess for the deaths of 40 people. It is believed that he is responsible for the amount of nearly 300-400 deaths thus making him the most prolific serial killer in American history.

Makes you wonder... what is worse? His playing God or the hospitals' inability to protect their patients so as not to damage their reputation? Scary, right? A fascinating reading nonetheless. Highly recommended! *The book is published by Twelve Books 

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