Life after Life

“There was a strangeness in the shimmering air, a sense of imminence that made Ursula’s chest feel full, as if her heart was growing. It was a kind of high holiness—she could think of no other way of describing it. Perhaps it was the future, she thought, coming nearer all the time.”

Born on a cold February night in 1910, baby Ursula dies before she takes her first breath... and then Ursula is born again but this time she is saved in the nick of time. As she grows up, she has several of those "accidents". Drowned in the ocean, fallen from her bedroom window, died from the Spanish flu, beaten to death by an abusive husband, bombarded by the Germans, bombarded by the English...

What's intriguing about Ursula is that, whenever she dies, her coming back to life is paired with an intuitive sense of knowing... sort of like a déjà vu or an innate warning that something is wrong. But does she ever get it right? Would we ever get it right, if we had the chance?

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admin is Fali’s Senior Editor. Arleen has been writing professionally for over 10 years. From 2005-2015, she covered the advertising and marketing industry for Majalah Dewasa.

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