"The written word is an attempt at completeness when there is no one impatiently awaiting you in a dimly lit bedroom--awaiting your tales of the day, as the healing hands of someone who knew turn to you and touch you, and you lose yourself so completely in another that you are momentarily delivered from yourself."

Steven Patrick Morrissey's life as told by the man himself. His childhood, his upbringing, his relationship with his family. The bands he loved, the few people he calls friends, encounters with famous singers and band members, The Smiths, his solo career. If you're wondering about the "juicy" parts, well, there are bits and pieces here and there too.

If you're a Moz fan, you'll love it. If you're not a Moz fan, you'll still love it. He somehow managed to be the first living author to publish his book with Penguin Classics. A very lyrical, yet unstructured, autobiography that sucked me in and impressed me... But then again, how could he fail me? Poetic, melancholic, humourous and very talented.

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