The Shining Girls

“Grown-up relationships are complicated. We got what we needed from each other. Passion. A safety net. Some kind of solace. It's lonely out there. But it ran its course. It was lovely while it lasted. But everything is finite. Life. Love. All this. Sadness too. Although that's harder to let go of than happiness.”

A serial-killer who can time-travel is after "the shining girls" - young women who have nothing in common but their bright potential. His reason for killing them? None, he just does what The House "orders" him to. What is this House? An abandoned house that serves as his portal to other eras (from the late 20's till the early 90's) and a place to rest before his next hunt begins. Did any of the girls make it? Yes, one. And she's out to get him.

It was good but in the end it didn't feel as accomplishing as I believed it would be. A real page turner, full of suspense and great "murder" lines.

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