Night Film

“Life had been a suit I'd only put on for special occasions. Most of the time I kept it in the back of my closet, forgetting it was there. We were meant to die when it was barely stitched anymore, when the elbows and knees were stained with grass and mud, shoulder pads uneven from people hugging you all the time, downpours and blistering sun, the fabric faded, buttons gone.”

When Ashley Cordova is found dead at 24 of an apparent suicide, the world attributes it to the family curse... Her father, Stanislas Cordova, a legendary horror-film director and Academy Award Winner last seen in public 40 years ago, is an enigmatic figure that nobody has been able to decipher. Scott McGrath, a formerly successful investigative journalist who has ruined his career because of Cordova, decides to investigate the case and expose the truth he believes the director is hiding.

It was really good but there was no closure. I mean... black magic rituals, murders, pagan ceremonies, conspiracy theories. All for nothing??? It was full of suspense though and was "disturbing" at points and it most definitely grabs your attention. The book layout is also very intriguing; full with photographs, interviews, notes, press clipings, web pages. If only for this ending...

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