The husband's secret


“It wasn’t logical, but the better you knew someone, the more blurry they became. The accumulation of facts made them disappear. It was more interesting wondering if someone did or didn’t like country music than knowing one way or the other.”

When Cecilia Fitzpatrick accidentally finds a letter addressed to her from her husband, to be opened in the case of his death, she is clearly intrigued... Tess O'Leary loses the ground beneath her feet when her husband and her cousin - who's also her best friend - announce that they love each other. Rachel Crowley is still trying to cope with her teenage daughter's unsolved murder 30 years before. What was written in that letter and how will these three, seemingly irrelevent, stories intersect?

I couldn't relate. I couldn't put it down either. I didn't like the characters but I was intrigued to read on... The epilogue was the best part, not because it was ending but, because it showed you how dramatically people's lives can change given the paths they choose to take.

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