“And every mistake. But every good thing we do as well. They are immortal, every single touch we leave behind. Even if nobody sees them or remembers them, that doesn’t matter. That trail will always be what happened, what we did, every choice. The past lives on forever. There’s no changing it.”

The last chapter of the Silo series was highly anticipated and according to Goodreads highly recommended... We left Juliette as the mayor of Silo 18 trying to figure out what the role of Silo 1 is and how she can get Solo and the kids out of Silo 17. Meanwhile, back in Silo 1, Donald keeps communicating with Lukas and is desperately trying to find a way, along with Charlotte, to help Silo 18. But how will Juliette overcome the rising dismay of her people and how will Donald manage when his health keeps deteriorating?

I couldn't put it down. Especially when things got really interesting. I would have liked more closure though... What happened to the other Silos? Are there more survivors out there? I wouldn't mind another plot twist...

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