The Forgotten Garden

“Cassandra always hid when she read, though she never quite knew why. It was as if she couldn't shake the guilty suspicion that she was being lazy, that surrendering herself so completely to something so enjoyable must surely be wrong. But surrender she did. Let herself drop through the rabbit hole and into a tale of magic and mystery.”

When Nell O'Connor turns 21, her father tells her that she is not his biological child and that she was found abandoned on an Australian dock when she was 4 years old. Shocked by the revelation, Nell's life is turned upside down. Years later, after her foster father's death, she is given the suitcase that she carried when she was found. Finally able to gather some clues, she travels to England in search of her origins but just before revealing her true identity, her life is turned upside down once again. Her frivolous daughter drops by and entrusts her with Cassandra, her granddaughter, for a few days... Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and when Nell passes away, Cassandra will be the one to put the pieces together and solve the riddle of her grandmother's life.

If you're into books that deal with family secrets, then say hello to your new book! It might be a wee bit long (648 pages to be precise) but it somehow maintains its mysterious atmosphere. The "big" reveal is not so big though and the majority of the characters left me frustrated with the way they handled things.

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