Bonjour Tristesse

"It was remote and beautiful, and stood on a promontory dominating the sea, hidden from the road by a pine wood; a mule path led down to a tiny creek where the sea lapped against rust-coloured rocks."
Seventeen-year-old Cécile is living a life of frivolity and recklessness with her forty-year-old widower father, Raymond, until one summer in a villa on the French Riviera threatens to change their aimless, superficial "reality". An emotionally liberal father who treats his underage daughter like a grown-up. A naive girl who is confused about her status : is she a kid or an adult? An educated, confident woman who tries to give meaning to their empty life and manages to lose hers.

Oh, l' amour. Or should I say the absence of it... Lyrical French storytelling, likeable/unlikeable characters, passionate and at the same time very melancholic and sad... One of the books I tremendously enjoyed reading this summer!

Have a lovely day! 


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