Bad Monkey


"A clawing heat settles over the Keys by mid-July. The game fish swim to deeper waters, the pelicans laze in the mangroves and only the hardiest of tourists remain outdoors past the lunch hour."

Andrew Yancy, a former police detective who is now downgraded to restaurant inspector because of sodomizing his ex-lover's husband in public with a vacuum cleaner, finds himself in charge of a severed arm in his freezer. While others would see this as a burden, he sees it as an opportunity to get back into the Sheriff's good graces and re-establish his reputation as a police detective. But he has a few obstacles to overcome first : the cunning widow, the money hungry daughter, a voodoo witch, his sex-crazed former girlfriend and of course ... an awfully naughty monkey!

Funny, witty, absolutely enjoyable. Yet another great read!

Have a lovely day! 


admin is Fali’s Senior Editor. Arleen has been writing professionally for over 10 years. From 2005-2015, she covered the advertising and marketing industry for Majalah Dewasa.

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