I Capture The Castle

"On Thursday, I woke to find a perfect September morning, summer with the first gentle hint of autumn, exactly the wrong day to be away from the country. I would have gone for an enormous walk -- except that, while in the bath, I saw exactly how to finish the book I was writing, after being stuck for weeks; though as things turned out, I doubt if I should have walked or written, because during breakfast I suddenly knew how to paint the view framed by my open window."

The Mortmains are what you would call an eccentric family : James Mortmain, the father, is a writer who has not published anything since his first book and is suffering from a rather lengthy writer's block. Topaz, his second wife after the first one died and stepmom to his children, is a gorgeous artist's model. Rose, the eldest daughter, is a beauty longing for a rich man that will rescue her from their poverty. Cassandra, the book's narrator, is a brilliant girl with a penchant for writing in her journal and Thomas, their younger brother. They all live in a leased crumbling castle in the English countryside along with Stephen, the son of the former cook who passed away. When a rich American family -the Cottons- inherits the castle and comes for inspection, their lives are about to change. Oh, did I mention that the Cottons also have two unmarried sons? Wink, wink!

Charming, delightful, a sweet coming of age story set in the 1930's. Quirky, bohemian characters and the vivid descriptions of the Englsh countryside make this a tremendously enjoyable read!

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