Half Bad

"Any indication that a White Witch sympathizes with any Black Witch is seen as treacherous. All Black Witches are tracked down by Hunters under the direction of the Council. If they are captured alive they suffer Retribution."

Set in modern-day England, where Witches and Humans live peacefully together, the story is centered around Nathan, a 16-year-old boy who is in a tight spot ever since the day he was born. His mother was a powerful White Witch and his father the most dangerous Black Witch that exists and yes, Black Witches and White Witches are at war. Ever since his mother died under mysterious circumstances, Nathan is raised by his grandmother (on his mother's side) and closely monitored by the White Witch council. With his notorious father missing and his impending 17th birthday looming, the council takes the matter into their own hands; Nathan is captured, beaten, shackled and put in a cage. In order to survive he needs to escape. But it's not going to be easy...

You may be sceptical about it - because of all the hype concerning this book - but I hereby declare that I enjoyed it VERY much! It's a very interesting YA fantasy novel and I was intrigued from page one. The final pages were a bit confusing but I'm guessing that my questions will be answered in the second book (Half Wild) that's set to hit bookstores on March 2015.

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